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Asian longhorned beetle ALB is a serious pest with a broad host range. In North America, maple, boxelder, willow, elm, horsechestnut, buckeye and birch are documented as very good hosts. Other trees such as hackberry, ash, poplar and mountain ash are considered possible hosts as well as some trees not commonly found in Minnesota.

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Four college students are dedicating their summer to participate in the first ever paid tree stewardship internship in New York City organized by the Nature Conservancy. The students will make their way through Prospect Park in Brooklyn looking for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle, an invasive species native to Japan, China and Korea. They burrow into trees, killing them from the inside.

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Search for:. The Situation: An exotic long-horned beetle was first discovered attacking ornamental trees in New York City and Chicago. Detections of this pest have since been made in most states in the northeastern portion of the United States as well as in California beginning in Their route of entry into the USA appears to have been in untreated wooden packing crates originating in China.

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The tree-devouring Asian longhorned beetle has not yet been driven from the gates of the city, but, by Jove, pest-control authorities have it on the run. The state announced on Tuesday that the beetle had been eradicated from Manhattan and Staten Island. The news comes only weeks after New Jersey declared victory in its war on the beetle, which destroys maple, ash, birch, elm, horse chestnut, willow and other hardwoods.

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Margot Adler. The folks whose regular job is to parachute into wildfires are propelling themselves into maples and elms in an attempt to stop the killer Asian longhorned beetle. It's a sinister opponent with no known natural enemies.

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When mysterious holes first appeared in twenty of his Norway maples, Carner assumed that teenagers had drilled them as a prank. One day, he noticed a large, black beetle with white spots clambering out of one of the cavities, waving its horn-like antennas. Eventually, a Cornell University scientist identified the insect as an Asian long-horned beetle, which Gittleman says probably travelled to the U.

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The Asian longhorned beetle Anoplophora glabripennis is a wood-boring beetle believed to have been introduced into the U. Asian longhorned beetle ALB larvae bore through wood of a wide variety of hardwood species, most notibly maples, elm, horsechestnut, willow, sycamore and birch. ALB boring phsycially weakens the trees and disrupts sap flow.

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The Asian longhorned beetle has plagued thousands of New York City trees over the last few years, emerging most recently in Queens. But officials said yesterday that if the latest wave of infestation is not checked, forests across the Northeast could be in danger. The city announced this week that 12 infested trees had been found on a golf course in Queens. Federal officials said yesterday that it was part of a larger infestation in the borough.


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