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Cee Lo Green]. They say "Luda, would you rather have the money or the fame? You drink your pain to the bottom of a bottle and the Conjure would have you fucked up So I'm lookin' for love in all the wrong places, pop pills, drink liquor by the cases Get high, make a woman get low, in the strip club lookin' for familiar faces People know me on a first name basis but all they ever really want's my cash "Let me borrow just a couple hundred dollars and you know that I'm a pay you back", my ass This world so superficial, this world done lost my trust They say "Ludacris, you changin'" but I really don't give a FUCK!

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Get the fuck back! Luda make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [I] Fuck That! Luda make your skull crack Tuck that Bitch, your whole town's on my nutsack Cuff that Put it in your weed, nigga, puff that What's that People gon' die tonight [Shawna] Fuck That!

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This song is by Ludacris and appears on the album Word Of Mouf Lyrics licensed by LyricFind. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Coming 2 America 2. Rollout My Business 3. Go 2 Sleep - feat.

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It's true: The rapper born Christopher Bridges may have appeared in a slew of films over the past decade, including this weekend's Furious 7but the year-old Atlanta native will be forever associated with whiplash rhymes, funky accentuation, and sharp wit. Also: his delightfully filthy lyrics. Yes, Ludacris is virtually unmatched in the rap game in his ability to turn even the tamest song into a raunchy exercise that only his horny imagination could conjure up.

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Featured lyrics. Hot lyrics. Ludacris — Who Not Me Lyrics.

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Okay now this is for the Gs and this is for the hustlers This is for the diamonds and the watch all clustered Spread 'em like mustard, canary yellow Now women in my face like hello. I'm talkin' five star tellies and penthouse suites Yeah, I'm just a playboy between penthouse sheets Hit the club and go and party with some penthouse freaks Party like Britney, Lindsay and Paris together. Get in line and buyin' bottles that's taller than Chris Webber And makin' haters sneeze from diamonds and sick leathers 'Cause my ice gives 'em cold as if they under the weather But my women keep me warmer than a polo sweater, they better. Now I stay fresh to death draped in gangsta fits Over twelve million sold I drop gangsta hits Live in mansions and drive around in gangsta whips You swear I'm 'bout to get into some gangsta shit.

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Warning Intro 3. Jingalin Single 4. Rest of My Life 5.

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I feel better than I've ever felt before, ah! Intoxicated, but maintainin self control, ah! I took a swig, I had a jug, chug a lug I'm loud and clear, I had some bud, I lit it up and than I made it disappear.


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