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Following Stewart's emotional appeal to lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week, the comedian followed up with a Fox News interview to claim the proposed legislation "has never been dealt with compassionately" by McConnell. McConnell appeared on Fox News on Monday morning and said Stewart was "all bent out of shape" and had been "looking for some way to take offense. During his visit to "The Late Show," Stewart balked at McConnell's suggestion that he was "bent out of shape" and delivered a scathing monologue at the expense of the senator.

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So here is the question we should be focused on now: Why is Mitch McConnell sitting on bills to fortify our defenses? About the president being denied court nominees in the final year of a term: That applies only to Democrats. But darker possibilities loom.

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By Yaron Steinbuch. April 5, am Updated April 5, am. A former aide to Hillary Clinton is sparking outrage for mocking Mitch McConnell for tripping on stairs — and not backing down when informed the Senate majority leader had polio as a child.

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From the Lexington Herald-Leader :. There are more than a few coal miners in Kentucky. So the folks I met on the street thought they'd drop by to see what he could do. What happened next was fairly vile.

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Top definition. Mitch Mcconnell unknown. One of the most despicable politicians on the planet, who filibustered his own bill when democrats agreed with it.

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A meme claiming Mitch McConnell received government-funded health care as a child has been gaining traction on the left despite being false. Let that sink in. My mother took me over there.

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One of the most frustrating things about having to deal with a Donald Trump presidency—and those frustrations are legion—is the fact that Trump and the party he now commands have managed to co-opt hysteria and use it as their own proprietary weapon. I feel like Alex Jones telling you that, even though I know that my hysteria is far more justified than any hysteria coming from the right. This brings us to Mitch McConnell.

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The Louisville Courier-Journal is chasing a story that further illustrates what a wonderful environment for coincidence the current political moment happens to be. It seems that Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was hot to build a new aluminum milling plant, but that the proposed location was not suitable for such a large operation. The cost of finding a new location drained the project's funds.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he has no interest in at least one agenda item preferred by President-elect Donald Trump: term limits for members of Congress. Trump praised the idea during the campaign, but McConnell said Wednesday the issue is going nowhere in the Senate. And it will not be on the agenda in the Senate.

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So Mitch McConnell says that, sure, he'll confirm, if necessary, a judge for El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago ineven though he cited 's being an election year as his transparently bullshit reason for stiffing Merrick Garland. What do you think about that? Here's CNN. Here's The New York Times.


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